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Highlight for Album: Residential Projects
Residential Projects
We are capable of completing jobs with a high level of detail. We specialize in fine craftsmanship. Millwork is a particular specialty of Blunden Construction. Founder, Harry J. Blunden, accumulated 34 years of experience doing millwork. We carry on the craftsmanship skills of our founder with pride and it has proven to be invaluable to our clients on many projects. We can create whatever your heart desires in the way of cabinetry, and custom carpentry.

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Highlight for Album: Commercial Projects
Commercial Projects
Blunden Construction does all types of commercial and industrial work and enhances its established reputation through well-executed projects each year. Many of our larger projects are in the $500,000 to $5,000,000 range. Our main focus though, has always been smaller jobs involving stores, offices and leaseholds. Blunden does more commercial renovations than most contractors.

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Highlight for Album: Excavation Projects
Excavation Projects
We take on a variety of excavating projects from our own contract work to building excavations and on-site septic systems. Blunden Construction is one of the best equipped contractors in the Halifax Metro Area.

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Highlight for Album: Oil & Septic Projects
Oil & Septic Projects
Blunden offers a wide variety of Construction services including the construction of on-site septic disposal systems and installation and removal of oil tanks. Blunden holds licenses issued by the Province for the installation of septic systems and oil tank installation or removal. If you need a septic system designed we can help as well.

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