At Blunden Construction we have found these points to be almost universally true…

  1. You will build a better home from scratch with a reputable contractor than the home you will build yourself by hiring your own trades people.
  2. There is more to the whole process than you think in the beginning. At the end of the project you will have a much better appreciation of this.
  3. A spec house will look good on the surface but the house that you build with a reputable contractor will have more materials in it, better attention to detail above and below the drywall line, and the décor and installed materials will be better because you selected them to meet your own taste.
  4. You are able to put more of your own personality into the execution and finishing of a custom home.
  5. It does not cost more to get the same level of finish in a custom home than it does in a spec home.
  6. The entire building process is an expensive endeavour, there is no substitute for careful advance planning, budgeting and working with an organized reliable contractor.