Builder’s Tips

We’ve put together a collection of articles to help you get going. Building a new home or renovating can be a stressful time. We are here to make it go as smoothly as possible and show you how fulfilling and exciting it can be when you work with a reputable builder.

Tips for Planning a Renovation

Don’t consider the planning stage of the job a waste of time. It is the most valuable spent time of the owner’s involvement in the renovation process. An architect or draftsman’s plan is a valuable asset and is [...]

Tips for New Home Builders

Take your time. The planning process is the most important aspect of reaping satisfaction from the completed project. Try to keep the planning process mindful of your budget. A house will probably the most expensive asset that you [...]

Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Hiring a reputable contractor with a proven record, a written contract and a written warrantee will be the best decision that you will make in the process of trying to find your way though a renovation project. Renovation [...]

Other Points to Consider

At Blunden Construction we have found these points to be almost universally true… You will build a better home from scratch with a reputable contractor than the home you will build yourself by hiring your own trades people. [...]